About Octagon (what we do)

We are a B2B technology solution provider dedicated to creating value through constant innovation, advanced technologies, and outstanding user experiences. We apply our unique blend of knowledge and capabilities to solve a variety of challenges in multiple industries.


We are a pioneer and premier provider of highly personalized credit management and optimization credit solutions, we are committed to empowering our customers with powerful yet simple-to-use tools and education.


Our customers currently include Asset & Retail credit grantors, mortgage brokers, Debt counselors, attorneys, and SME businesses.


Credit and collections has evolved significantly during the last years. Once considered to be just part of the financial process, leading CFO’s all over the globe now recognize that a well applied credit and collections policy not only reduces the cost of working capital by providing tangible financial benefits but that the daily task of collections provides a perfect opportunity to enhance customer intimacy.


By applying best practices to credit and collections we can not only provide financial benefit but also a better service to our customers. And surely that’s what business is all about – money and satisfied customers.


For Enterprise and SMME business our products offer secure dependable originationcredit vetting and debtor management solutions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer fully scalable solutions from the SMME right up to at large multinational corporates.

We are fully integrated to all the major Credit bureaus and many other data sources allowing our customers a full suite of data services ensuring comprehensive Credit Vetting , Tracing and Collections.

We have cost effective entry level solutions and enterprise solutions that allow for Customer acquisition, Loans or Customer account management and Collections.